Printing Services

Benner Library offers a variety of printing services that are readily available to ONU students and community patrons.

Regular Printing

The library has 4 regular printers available to patrons, which are:

Web Printing

In addition to being able to print from the library's computers, print jobs can also be sent via our web printing portal. Upon signing in, just follow the instructions on the page to submit a job that can be released from any of the printers listed above, or any printers that support GINGER* on campus (a list of valid printers will also be given in the portal).

Scan to Email

Benner Library printers have the option of scanning documents directly to a student email. For more information and instruction on scanning to email, ask a Benner Library employee.

3D Printing

The library is home to a 3D printer (Prusa i3 MK35). For more information on use of the 3D printer, please visit our 3D printing page.

Poster Printing

Benner Library patrons also have access to a poster printer. For more information on use of the poster printer, please visit our poster printing page.

Printing Help

3D Printing Help Adding a Library Printer Book Scanning Changing Print Settings How to resize pages in PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Poster Printing Printer/Copier Job Assembly Printing Services Printing on Notecards Printing with Specialty Paper Scan to Email Web Printing

*GINGER refers to the printing queue common to many computers on campus. A print sent from one computer to "FollowMe-Student on GINGER" can be retrieved from any one of many locations on campus.