Poster Printing Services

The poster printers are for patrons to print posters that are larger than 11 x 17. Informatics has two poster printers. One is specialized paper only see the blue section for more information.

Poster Printing Calculator

Canon iPF780 5 ink Poster Printer
The standard width is 24 inches but 36 inch rolls (bond & heavy weight paper only) are available upon request.

Book an appointment - Reserve a time to get your poster(s) printed.

Bond Paper 24" $0.17 per inch
Bond Paper 36" $0.25 per inch
Heavy Weight 48LB 24" $0.29 per inch
Heavy Weight 48LB 36" $0.35 per inch
Glossy Photo 24" $0.33 per inch
Satin Photo 24" $0.33 per inch
Canon PRO4100 12 ink Poster Printer
This printer is for special projects and by appointment only. Appointment times are limited due to the number of staff trained for this new printer.

- Communicate with qualified staff to set up a time.
Glossy Photo 42" $0.58 per inch
Satin Photo 42" $0.58 per inch
Backlit Film 36" $0.72 per inch
Water Resistant Polypropylene (Matte) 42" $0.72 per inch
Repositionable Adhesive Synthetic 24" $0.85 per inch
Canvas (Cotton Poly Blend) 24" $0.85 per inch