Informatics Department

The Library Informatics Department is responsible for implementing and maintaining library and research technologies, including library databases, catalogs, website and much more. Library Informatics is a department of the library and not the campus IT unit. It is led by the Informatics & Curriculum Librarian and staffed with library assistants.

Library Informatics provides many services, including off-campus access to our library databases, lab assistants to provide help to users of the library computer lab and laptop checkout. More information.

Meet the Informatics Staff
Picture of Ann<br>JohnstonAnn
(815) 939-5061
Picture of Matt<br>MarcukaitisMatt
(815) 928-5511
Picture of Kent<br>KinnersleyKent
Picture of Ann<br>HugoAnn
(815) 939-5334
Picture of Brian<br>BowenBrian