CINAHL Basics Tutorial
Learn how to search by key word, filter your results, and access fulltext (3:06 minutes).

CINAHL Subject Headings Tutorial
Focus your search using CINAHL Subject Headings (3:32 minutes).

Finding Related Search Terms
This tutorial offers several helpful tips for finding related search terms and expanding on search terms for a research project (3:00).

Finding Research Literature
How to find research literature, used by scholars for forming an investigative paper or to provide background for personal research (3:20).

Nurse Author
Find research conducted by a nurse (2:24 minutes).

Nursing Ethical Dilemmas
Helpful tips to use when researching for nursing ethical dilemmas (2:45).

Nursing Theorists
Use CINAHL Headings to research nursing theories & theorists (3:17 minutes).

Systematic Reviews
This tutorial shows how to use the CINAHL Complete database to search for systematic reviews, research reports, and theory-based articles. (2:29 minutes).

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