BIOL 370: Ecology

Finding reviews & research articles

BIOL 370 Recommended Journals

Once you find a citation, you need to get the article itself! You'll have three options:

  • For screen shots and instructions to use the Journal Search visit the Microbiology class guide and follow “Online Method 1”
  • InterLibrary Loan request form

Find books


Browse the 580 section in the reference collection and on the third-floor of Benner Library to find helpful titles.

Suggested Links

Illinois Geospatial Data Clearinghouse
Illinois GIS data sets and documentation (metadata) for ArcIMS Interactive Map Services, USGS digital topographic maps, aerial photography, orthoimagery, orthophotography, geology, land use, natural resources, and infrastructure

Illinois Natural Histroy Survey

Illinois' 14 Natural divisions
A [geographic] division contains similar landscapes, climates, and substrate features like bedrock and soils that support similar vegetation and wildlife over the division's area

Search over 9.6 million records of museum objects, archives and library materials including more than 1.4 million online media files.

Species list
Illinois Natural History Survey's Biological Collections

Springer Nature Experiments
"This free-to-use platform combines the largest available collection of protocols and methods with cutting-edge AI and text-mining technologies to easily identify techniques and organisms mentioned in content from Springer Protocols, Nature Protocols, Nature Methods and Protocol Exchange." Dr. Rosenberger says, "....might be helpful for some of the lab bench work in the department. Not so helpful...for field based work"

USDA Plants Database
Database providing plant information by the United States Department of Agriculture

USDA Forest Service links

Illinois Native Trees

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