Button Making Services

There are two buttons makers available in the library: 1.5 inch and 2.25 inches. Supplies to make the buttons, keychains, or magnets can be purchased at the Lower Level Service Desk in the library.

1.5" buttons ($0.15)
2.25" buttons ($0.20)
1.5" button keychain ($1.00)
2.25" button mirror ($1.20)
Button Magnets ($0.50)
(for backs of buttons)



  • You must design your own button and print it before making the button. Use the Online Button Design Studio link for login credentials.
  • Note: Use Google Chrome and follow the directions on the page for activating flash. The ONU subscription to this resource expires on October 25, 2020. Try the link below to button makers.net for another option.
  • Be sure to get training from one of the Informatics Service Assistants before making your button.
  • Only use regular copy paper to make buttons.
  • Do NOT use photo paper or card stock.
  • The library is not responsible for damage or incorrectly made buttons.