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Finding Articles

Checking for fulltext in a database
Check for fulltext in a database (2:46 minutes).

Education Research Literature
Learn how to search for research literature specific to education theorists. (2:25 minutes)

Finding Articles and Using Boolean Operators
Search for fulltext articles through Benner Library (3:27 minutes).

Finding Related Search Terms
This tutorial offers several helpful tips for finding related search terms and expanding on search terms for a research project (3:00).

Finding Research Literature
How to find research literature, used by scholars for forming an investigative paper or to provide background for personal research (3:20).

Google Scholar
Use Google Scholar to setup an account to connect with Benner's fulltext and searching tips (2:55 minutes).

How to prove it's peer reviewed
Once you find an article in a library database (EBSCO or ProQuest) how do you know for certain that it's peer reviewed? Quick visual guide to article details.

Linking to Articles from Library Databases
A quick guide to linking to articles from library databases, rather than downloading a pdf (3:58 minutes).

Using PURLs
Finding and using article PURLs to stay organized.

Keywords and Subject Headings
What's the difference between a keywords and a subject heading? How to find and use database-specific subject headings for precise searching.

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